Unable to fill object with liquid

Hello there, I am newbie and I got stuck with filling an object with liquid.
I have tried to fill positive form of human and negative form of it - with switched nodes, of courses - but I got the same result - liquid doesn’t fill entire body due to my “fillin object” doesn’t product any liquid in the requirement scale. It is impossilbe to fill entire body.
So I make smaller domain to get closer to desired result and you can see the result - liquid don’t reach ancles.
Is there any option to make “fillin object” and “domain” in relative scale or other option to meet my goal?
Thank you very much for your help,

I can’t upload a source file *.blend, sorry for that - not allowed to newbies




Hello ozgur1,
let me thank you for your awesome tutorial, I have seen the last one now and it is awesome and instructive.
A lot of thanks, Tom

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