Unable to get Power train script working for Car game??

Hi all

I have recently just started up a new project for my self, but within 10 minutes I am already stuck.

I have applied all the scripts and set up all the logic’s as I normally would for this type of game but for some reason I just cannot get it to work. Spent around 2 hours trying to figure out why??

Here is the blend file :smiley: http://www.mediafire.com/?5j53jjk4do3236q

I downloaded and looked at your profile, basically you need to link Y to Z and set it to 3.0. The wheels are colliding with the car itself which is stopping you being able to control it.

I looked at this, you should remake it, it fails.


Change the name of the controller “Ebrake” to “EBrake”. It will work. This KeyError was described in the System Console. I use it for troubleshooting all the time.

Happy blending!

Thank you very much for you help!