Unable to "import Rasterizer" in Blender 2.5


I tried to run some old blends in Blender 2.5 today. Some of these blends had stuff like “import GameLogic” and “imporrt Rasterizer” in the python scripts, because they were necessary for things like “cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()”. However, I got this error: “ImportError: No module named Rasterizer” when I tried to run the script in Blender 2.5.

Any solutions to this problem? Thanks!

Blender 2.5 is still alpha. It does not have all the modules yet.

It should be there, please report a bug in the tracker.

That I didn’t know. Did they change the name? Would they change the name of any of the modules?

All the BGE modules from 2.49 are also in 2.5 and should be working. If they aren’t, please file a bug report.