Unable to move corners of Plane Track in Motion Tracker

I have been learning about the Plane Track in the Motion Tracker, and I am thinking that I am missing something obvious, but can’t seem to pin point it.

I have 4 tracks all set to “loc” tracking. I have tracked multiple frames for all 4 tracking points. I then select my 4 tracks and then click on “Create Plane Track”. The plane track is added, but I am unable to move the individual corners of the plane track, I can only move the plane track as a whole.

What is confusing is that I ran into this first in Linux (Kubuntu 14.10) running several different versions of blender with no difference (2.69, 2.70, 2.70a). I thought that it might be a Linux issue, thinking it might have something to do with mouse input or something, so I booted the same project up on a Windows machine (Blender 2.70), and I had no trouble moving the corners individually.

This is were it gets weird. I decided to start from scratch in Windows, same image sequence, running Blender 2.70. Repeated the same process above, tracked 4 points, added the plane track, and now I can’t move the corners anymore! I am not sure if it is a bug, and I can’t to seem to find an option that would lock the plane track corners. Not sure what to do…

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Maybe just answered my question, at least in Windows. It seems that it is a right-click drag to move corners now. I was referencing the some of the original videos when the feature was first implemented, it seems, at that time, it was just a left click to drag corners. I am going to test Linux again.

I think I have it figured out. I switch my input in the preferences so my “Select with” option is set to left. This makes it so you use the right mouse button to move corners on plane tracks. In windows switching the “Select With” option in the preferences works just fine. In Kubuntu, there seems to be an issue with dragging corners if you have “Left” selected in preferences for the “Select With” option. Right-Click in Kubuntu might be set globally to something that conflicts with Blender?

I am going to see if other people have had issues with this in Kubuntu and other software, but, if there is anyone here that might have solution, again, very appreciated.