"Unable to open a display" AWS EC2 T3 CPU EEVEE Rendering

Hi Guys,

I tried to render in the background with this simple command “blender -b -f 1” on a AWS T3 Instance using blender 2.83.9 but i get the error message “Unable to open a display”. After a little bit of research i came upon a solution but for GPU Rendering https://devtalk.blender.org/t/blender-2-8-unable-to-open-a-display-by-the-rendering-on-the-background-eevee/1436/24
Do you know a solution for my case?


From that thread:

We don’t currently support headless rendering with Eevee, there must always be a display even for background rendering.

It’s an old thread, but I guess the situation remains the same

As I understand it, all those users have a local nvidia graphics card compatible with Blender and nvidia drivers installed. And assuming that remote service has a GPU (or whatever it is that correctly emulates a GPU with OpenGL capability) then right there they indicate the steps to follow: