Unable to open a windows modified file in Mac 0SX 10.4--help

I’m using working on a windows 2000 computer at school, on blender 2.37. I decided to take home the current file I was working on to my powerbook at home, but it won’t open–it says there is an error. Is there no way to modify blender files on both mac and window?

They are supposed to work across platforms but maybe the file got corrupted when transferring through different file systems. For example, if you copied the .blend file to an MS-DOS file system USB pen and then onto a Mac filesystem.

If so, try zipping it before you do that. Also make sure you are using the same version of Blender in both places. Also upgrade to 2.4, there are very important improvements in it over 2.37.

Another thing you could try is to append the file to a new scene. Open Blender with the default. Then go to file menu>append and inside the .blend file, select the scene element so that it imports the entire file.

thanks I’ll try that! Unfortunately, we were using 2.37 at the beginning of our digital media graphics course, and my teacher does not want to upgrade to 2.4, so there isn’t a whole I can do about that, so i still have to use the 2.37 version at home

Thanx! zipping the file worked perfectly!

coolness that you even get to use blender in an education environment!