Unable to Open Blender

although i was able to open Blender previously, i recently tried again and was unable. the C:\ flashes three messages which are closed much too fast to read using Blender 2.83.

i downloaded and installed Blender 2.91 and when i try to open it, i get the same C:\ screen, but no messages, and then it closes.

has anyone any idea what i am doing to cause this behaviour?



see what those messages are by opening a command prompt and then

you can drag-and-drop the desktop shortcut to Blender

and hit ENTER


thank you for your suggestion. i received the following:
Blender 01

Are you using Windows XP or something


i am using Windows 7


thank you all for your help but i decided to remove all versions of Blender and then add in 2.79b. this one now works on my machine so the problem was probably hardware.

thank you all again.

this topic is resolved.



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