Unable to Open File

I simply created a button, and assign a Game Actuator, calling my other Blend file in the same folder. But how come I always receive the error, Unable to Open. What seems to be the possible problem?

Game Actuator>Start New Game> path file: System/System/Environment.blend

Help please… thanks

Why are you trying to start a new game? If your blend is accurately labelled then it sounds like you’d want to be linking to it instead.

actually this is what i want it to do.
I have a title screen with a new game button, and i if I press the new game button i want to call another blend file that will run the start of the game. how is it possible?

I’ve never tried using the actuator to start a blend file. The way I use it is by compiling both the simulations, then use the Start New Game actuator in the first runtime to load the other runtime.

I’m fairly sure the actuator is designed for starting other games, not other project files. You can also use python to start up another program which runs at the same time as Blender using the os.startfile(“program.exe”) command.

hi SJice,

If you are trying to open a blend file named mygame.blend in the same folder use:

//mygame.blend” without the quotes.


Cthames, I got it working. thanks a lot :slight_smile: