Unable to pack error

Having trouble packing a .blend to send off for rendering.

I’m trying an animation with one of Witold Jaworski’s plane models - the la5 from here. I’ve appended it (because I needed to make a number of changes). And am able to render happily on my machine in 2.6 (if very slowly)

But on trying to pack the file to send to Greenbutton (or manually packing it) I get an error saying a path to one of the images can not be found. This turned out to be a texture on the the control stick, so eventually I just deleted the control stick itself, as it was barely visible in the shot.

I also checked the Materials and made sure the material itself was deleted and unlinked.

I saved and on reloading - same issue, same file. Checking the datablocks again, the image file is still listed, but with zero users. Seems the .blend might still be looking for it, and the packing still doesn’t work.

I tried the external data tools - tried make all relative/absolute, to no avail. And I can’t find a way to delete the naughty data block.


Can anyone shed some light for me? Have I found a bug?

Any ideas much appreciated.

There is a script called Orphan Killer I believe. Orphan something… (search in script forum). It is supposed to clean out any unused data from your BLEND file. Maybe it can get rid of that troublesome texture. But your guess is probably right. Some assumption is made in the pack code that expects any data to have at least one user. In your situation this rule fails and the code falls into an un-handled exception.

Thanks Atom, I’ll have a look and see how that script goes. Cheers.