Unable to pack file, source path not found:

I am having a horrible time trying to pack a blender file for upload to a renderfarm. I created a scene by appending, importing, and modeling myself. Basically, the datablocks seem to be full of textures I am not even aware of, and there are several missing.

I know nothing about the secret data stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

I’ve stripped the scene down to just the objects and textures. Is there any way to collect just the data used in your immediate scene? Sort of like media manager in Final Cut Pro.

I am using Cycles, and I have UV texturing.

Thank you.

managing textures and things in blender is one area that wish the developers would make easier.

Like even if they had to make an external “tool”(program) a .blend manager if you will.
to add and remove, textures from .blend files, and otherwise manage them…
add actions, materials etc… (by appending them from other .blend files), node setups etc…

would be so nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that is really getting me is when I run a Report Missing Files I get this: Path Not Found “”

It also breaks paths that were otherwise fine.