Unable to pack file, source path not found

I have been working on a game for 3 weeks now, my first game.
Had every problem imaginable, like always with everyting(there is no perfect world), and now ive hit a problem i cant fix.
Whenever I try to save my .blend file, pack external data to .bend file, or anything else saving related, I get the error "unable to pack file, source path not found: “C:\users\myname\Desktop…”
The .blend file is on my desktop.
There is NO WAY I can restart my project from scratch!
Please help me!

I might be wrong here, but I’ll give a good guess: The path to some file being used in your .blend file (usually an un-used image file in my experience) is no longer available, possibly because it has been moved or deleted from its original position. The error should also report which file it is. Discover exactly what file it is and return it to the original directory position, or delete the image file from the .blend file and then save.

BTW: I believe that you can still save the .blend file, but that it just can’t pack the problem file. If it’s an unused image file, then no big deal.

Im using blender 2.63 and i cant find out how to delete an image from the blend file. I go to UV image editor and i see images that are blank and not used in the project but Idk how to delete them?

Try Shift+LMB on the [x] next to the suspect image file name in the image editor dropdown menu. Then save, close the file and reopen. They should be gone

…or this addon might help : http://blenderaddons.com/scripts/orphan_cleanup.php


Dude! You are a god!!! Im gonna put you in for an award! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! You need to be like, immortalized or something!
Now my project is saved!!!

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Glad we could help!

Yep. This got 'er done. I ran into this problem when trying to send .blend file to a render farm. Kept getting the ‘cannot pack…’ error message. Had no idea wtf they were talking about. Then found this. So, thanks much.