Unable to pack source...source path not found

Hello, first let me say this is my first post of all time on blenderartists!

I’m working on a blend that used to use a few *.jpg textures. I removed them and now use new textures. But when I save it gives me an error saying "Unable to pack file, source path not found: “/c:/blah” I’m working on a Mac and this blend file was originally created on a PC (hence the C drive).

Ok, so I know I need to delete the broken paths but I can’t find them anywhere. I tried using the Data Block editor (Shift F4) but that just opens up the Python screen.


Hello and welcome,

Shift-F4 does not help. To view the Datablocks, you need to have a look at the outliner window (usually at the top right corner). From the drop down menu switch from “All Scenes” to “Datablocks”. From there, you can navigate your way to the path of the file.

I attach a .blend file (error.blend (441 KB)) and tell you how to navigate to the missing path in the Datablocks:
materials -> treasures8 -> Textures -> treasures8 -> Texture -> treasures8 -> Image -> File Name

The file name is “C:\Del reasures8.png” you can change it to a file name that actually exists.

Also, you can try to use File -> External Data -> Unpack into files (or some other options) to solve your problem.

Hope that helped. Regards


Thank you very much for your response. You helped me find the correct way to edit the Datablocks. However the only way I managed to get rid of the bad image references was to:

  1. Find each *.jpg in the UV/Image editor and remove the users (as to what was still using these old textures I don’t know!)
  2. Go into the Datablocks, find the “image” entry and delete the filename attribute

Then I could save without any errors reported.

Thanks again,

delete the “filename” attributes. Once I cleared them out