Unable to proceed with CG Cookie Flex Rig

I’ve been experimenting with the cookie flex rig provided by cookie blender for some time now. It’s really impressive and is obviously the result of a great deal of work. I’m still working on learning rigging, but I’m hoping that using the flexrig will allow me to get a project started sooner while I continue to learn rigging.

Unfortunately, when I tried to link the file I hit a lot of snags. Nothing is mentioned of any problems that might turn up on install, but after I looked around I found a youtube video that mentioned some things that needed to be done to make the rig work after linking it to another scene. Since the character file takes up a lot of layers, its pretty safe to assume that most of the time when your going to be using the Flex Rig, you will be using it in a scene defined in another file.

After following the youtube video, I got deeper into the process, but I still cannot finish it. I linked in the files after renaming some groups, specified which mesh I wanted on the layer, and linked in the python file and ran it.

Now I have the rig controls, but I cannot move or budge the mesh in any way whatsoever. I’ve been stuck on this for days now.

I have asked about it on the CG cookie forums and not gotten a response after several days. Help would be appreciated. I’m desperately trying to finish a project by the end of this month, and every day that goes by with this sort of thing makes that less likely.

If anyone can get the people at CG Cookie to respond, it might be good to at least add the youtube link to the end of the license so people get a little more of the information they need to use the tool.

Are many people actually using the Flex Rig? Were they able to use it linked into another file? Even knowing that would be help. It’s too late for me to go back to my own rigged models now, but it would be nice to know how much this is used.

Hi Martian,
You shouldn’t need to modify any groups or make any edits in the rig file itself. There should already be groups defined that allow you to use the normal workflow for linking in character rigs in Blender.

The normal workflow is:

  1. Link the character’s group into your blend file. (Note: link, not append.) In the case of the CG Cookie Flex Rig, there are two groups. One is a lower-resolution version for animating (cookieFlexRig.lowRes), and one is a higher-res version for rendering (cookieFlexRig).

  2. Create an instance of the linked group in your scene (the linking process may have done this automatically).

  3. Select the instance, and “make proxy” (ctrl-alt-p) and select “rig”.

Now you should be able to animate the character.

Hope this helps!