Unable to render 2.57 created files back in 2.49

I have a simple scene in 2.57.
When I open it in 2.49 and try to render I just get a black screen?
The scene once opened in 2.49 looks exactly the same as it does in 2.57.
Camera view is the same.
Single sun lamp is the same.
There are no animations.
The render window in 2.49 shows a render time of 1 sec but is completely black?
I am probably missing something very obvious…That has always been the case in the past.
Any help appreciated.

Blender 2.57 has the equivalent of ‘Do Composite’ / ‘Do Sequence’ buttons on by default. Make sure these are unselected in 2.49 (below the Anim button in the render settings)

Thank you Sir.

That was exactly the problem.