Unable to render Camera view correctly

When I go to render the Camera view. I get a very different image than the one in my viewport. – It looks as if the camera has moved back considerably.

I think I’m missing just one important step, I just can’t figure out what it is.

Here is the step by step of what I’ve done to create my render:
I enter the ‘0’ key on the number pad, it brings up the camera’s POV in the viewport. Next I hit F12 or select “Viewport Render Image” from the View menu. – That opens a “Blender Render” window. And it then raytraces a tiny donut. (As if the camera had been moved way back). What step am I missing? – Thanks

MacOS 10.14.3 - Blender 2.90

Viewport Render Image is not the same as Render > Render Image (which is F12)

If you press F12 and don’t get the right image, maybe you’ve keyframed the camera?

you zoomed in to your camera.
turn off lock camera to view and scroll out to see your framing.

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That was it. :grinning: Thank you so much.

I just need to get my head around the difference between what the viewport sees and what the camera sees while I am looking through the camera in the viewport. – I guess it’s not that hard. I just need to keep the camera’s virtual “viewfinder” in the viewport at all times and remember that “zooming” doesn’t actually “zoom” nor “dolly” the camera’s position.

I can now relax and return to the tutorial I was working on.

Once again, thank you canpe, you’re my hero. –

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i am happy it worked and good luck with your project:)