Unable to render scene


I have a 222mb blender file. I modeled and textured a house with a lawn. It is a relatively simple scene. However, I am having real trouble rendering this file. I can preview it without problems, but once I hit render I get a crazy render time such as 22hours. I tried progressive render but with same issues. Some specifications about the file and my laptop…any help is appreciated.


Verts: 829,803 Faces: 535,072 Tries: 956,834, Objects: 403

Laptop: i7, 3.4ghz, 2gb video, 8gb ram

Is insufficient information to detect the problem. As a start, you say if you use Blender internal render or Cycles. If is Cycles, GPU or CPU?

I guess it’s Cycles. Show settings from “Dimensions” and “Sampling” in Render tab may help.

Cycles, I tried on both cpu and gpu (however I get the gpu error of no more memory) So cpu is best choice. I only want to render 500-1000 samples but having such a big problem.

Here is the scene how it looks like. I am currently just viewing it with render preview and it works. So I don’t know why it takes so long to render.

You see in “Dimensions” in Render tab if you have not set a too big image. When you start the Render, it immediately begins to make the render showing the tiles, or it takes a long time to start showing the tiles?

size: 1920x1080

it takes a long time to start showing the tiles.