Unable to rig model

Hi, I’m new to modelling and rigging just something I decided to do as a hobby. I’m having an issue with rigging I set the bones to the right positions but I’m unable to get any animation of the bones, I added auto weights but nothing. Sometimes it works but only part of the model would work and other parts fall apart / distort.

Could anyone have a quick look and see what I’m doing wrong?


PS if anyone wants a copy of the model your more than welcome, its self made so no copy write permission needed.

Select the body, shift select the rig (in object mode) and Ctrl+P / Set Parent with Automatic Weights.
Select the armature, change to Pose Mode and and the model will move.
You would then need to go into weight painting mode to optimise the weights for each bone.
Download: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BznKZxoP1i3jek9pV2NaLXoyRUU/edit

You model is very high poly (sculpted ?), not ideal for animation. You really need to retopologise it to get a mesh better suited for animation. You can bake the details from the high poly mesh to a normal/bump/displacement map to add back detail to the lower poly mesh.

Plenty tutorials showing how to do this are available here http://cgcookie.com/blender/