Unable to Save 16-Bit .PNG

I’ve been creating heightmaps in Blender to export to Unreal Engine 4, but I can’t get Blender to save the image as a 16-bit PNG, even if I tell it explicitly to do so in the settings options when I save the image. I consistently get only 8-bit PNGs, which cause visible terracing in Unreal when they’re imported as heightmaps for landscape.

Here’s my process that seems to be screwing up:

  1. Create heightmap texture on a plane.
  2. Create 2nd plane, unwrap it.
  3. Bake heightmap texture from Plane 1 to Plane 2.
  4. Save UV image of Plane 2 from UV editor, settings: .PNG, BW, 16-bit, 0% compression.

And it still terraces like an 8-bit image; I have no idea why. I’ve tried all the different channel settings: BW, RGB, and RGBA, and the result in the Unreal engine still indicates no change from 8-bit to 16-bit.

Am I doing something wrong, perhaps? Maybe I’m going about it the wrong way? Has anyone else had this problem before?

Saved render as 16bit .png file. Check your exported file format

Please supply example files etc of what you are trying. Does file look ok before using in Unreal ?