Unable to save Uv maps

Hi everybody, as the title states i’m having problems saving the uv maps for a piece of clothing i’m doing in Blender which is odd because nobody seems to have this issue.

So far i’ve just imported the body mesh, deleted the skeleton, selected an area of work with seams, and ultimately unwrapped the said piece of clothing, but when going to uv options and pointing “Scripts” there’s just alittle square instead of saving uv map option like showed in the picture. I haven’t exported anything yet, maybe it’s a matter of plugins? i have no clue really.

Thanks in advance

in UV editor select image then save as
could change the name before !

happy bl

I’d strongly advise moving up to 2.79 as well, it’s vastly improved over 2.49

Thanks for your reply but under “Image” i only get the “Open” and “New” options…

Edit. Sorry, it worked…XD i’m sorry it’s just that i’m such a nooob. Thanx for the help

Thanks for the suggestion but apparently 2.49b is the only one that works when working with a game called Fallout New Vegas so i’m kind of stuck with that ver.