Unable to see objects through Glass BSDF

has anyone managed to make the Glass shader work properly in Blender 2.8?

I don’t mean that I want perfection, I’m perfectly aware that a realtime renderer won’t ever be like cycles etc. etc.


when I try to use the Glass BSDF there’s no way (or at least I didn’t find any) to see objects through the glass material.
I can get transparency if I mix the Glass shader with a Transparent node, but this won’t give the “magnify” effect that Glass should deliver normally.

Is this limitation “by design” (for some reason due to realtime rendering limitations) or it’s a bug, or am I missing some settings that needs to be changed?

Thank you in advance for your replies,

I’m assuming you talking about eevee.


You were assuming cirrectly, sorry for not specifying it…
Anyway, thank you very much, activating screen space reflections did the job.

Can I ask you what exactly that means/does?

Thank you!

Sorry don’t know we have to wait for the blender manual to find out how eevee works.

Ok, no problem. Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Screen Space means that the effect is relative to view and will not work with parts of scene that are out of sight, not displayed, visible in the frame of screen.
For the rest, reflection means reflection and refraction means refraction.
The fact that SSRefraction is not independent of SSReflections in UI is just the transposition of how code works.

Thank you for the clarification, it was very useful!!