unable to select verts in UV editor!

I seem to have somehow lost the ability to select individual verts in the UV editor by clicking. When I click the mouse the cursor becomes a paintbrush even though I am not painting anything! I can select verts using border select or A key only. Individual verts selected in the 3D window are highlighted just fine in the UV editor.

THis happens whether I use plain unwrap or unwrap from view etc etc. and whether or not the verts are selected in the 3d view.

Please advise me! :o

Check at the “Enable image painting” button, in the UV/Image Editor Menu.

Hope it solves !

Thanks for the reply but that’s not it. Image painting is the way the brush icon is acting but image painting isn’t working eather! I loaded a vid image, does that make a difference??

EDIT- loaded a static background image and that makes no difference

here is the Blend file if you would look at it I’d appreciated any help


You do have image painting enabled:-

conehead_30.blend (175 KB)

Yes I saved it that way for illustration -> it doesn’t work, perhaps its not turning off inspite of the icon showing it being disabled when clicking it, please give it a try, can you find any way to click on a single vert in the UV editor???

BTW same result with version 2.48 and 2.49

I see.

Delete the Grease Pencil layer and turn off Grease Pencil ?

conehead_30.blend (163 KB)

Dang that was it! THanks, I had no idea grease pencil with the layer not visible would mess you up, I appreciate your help.