Unable To Set Origin To Geometry... Or Anything

I just realized that on a current project that I am doing, I can’t set the origin for anything and it’s really frustrating. I’m almost done with the project and I have a few small details left to do that require me to set the origin to the geometry in order to use the rotate function. But nothing is working. The origin point doesn’t move and it wants to move everything around that stationary point. I honestly don’t know what to do and feel like giving up now.

Select object, tab into edit mode, press A to select everything (might not be needed), then use the set origin option in T panel (hope that’s right - going from memory).

Sometimes it’s good to try something simple - like the above steps in a new blend file, then just verify you do in fact know how to move the origin, then go back to your larger project.

You should be able to select the object, go to the 3d view menu Object->Transform->Origin To Geometry
Alternatively try Origin to Centre of mass (volume).