Unable to type in values

Hello, I’m fairly new to blender and have discovered after wactching video tutorials on various things that I am unable to type in values (such as: names of Python scripts, numbers of segments on spheres etc.) with the keyboard, and instead have to use manual arrow buttons, or just not be able to use some parts at all.
I understand a red cursor should appear when I click on bars with values in them, but mine appear blank when I click on them.
Occasionally when I try to put in the number of frames for a render with the keyboard, it takes several seconds, but with no cursor, for the value I typed in to appear in the appropriate box.
I’m sure I’m missing some very simple silly thing probably, but I have searched and am unable to find a solution.

Any suggestions would be apprieciated :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll do the honor, if 2.49 and lower, hold shift, else hold crtl.

Hehe, knew it would be something ridiculously simple. Thanks :wink: