Unable To Use UV/Image Editor Options

Well, I was hoping that my first post would be showing off something I made instead of asking for help, but it doesn’t appear that that’s an option anymore. I’m not smart enough to figure out my problem on my own. Here’s a more detailed description of the difficulty I’ve encountered:

When you’re in the UV/Image Editor screen and you click Image or go to UV > Scripts, there are Python scripts that it executes, with the nice little Python logo next to them. Well, when I click those, I get a “Python Script Error” and am directed to see my console. This is what is displayed on my console:

Not sure what’s going on.

Oh, I use v2.49. Not sure if that helps, but there it is.

I’ve tried downloading and replacing uv_export.py, but I think I replaced it with an identical copy either way, and am still unable to export my uv map so I can color it in GIMP. :frowning:

Any and all serious attempts at assistance will be appreciated. :slight_smile: If you need further information from me, let me know.

I’d say the problem is the apostrophe in the Folder “Chris’ Folder”. You now have an opening single quote on the line, an end single quote and the apostrophe in your folder name. That one is seen as a closing quote and thus it has no clue what the rest is supposed to be and so it returns a syntax error.
Rename your folder to not have the apostrophe and it should work.