unassigned vertices (in vertex groups) don't move if I move the armature

I want to anymate a character (talking about that, I found an interresting page). i still use the vertex group. The problem is that some vertices are not assigned to vertex groups.

So If I rotate my bones, no problem because those vertices shouldn’t move anyway. But If I decide to move all the bones at the same time, those unassigned vertices don’t move.
In my case, during the walk animation, I have to move all the skeleton (in pose mode) through the Z axis, because when you walk, the upper part of your body don’t always stays at still.

A solution I know will work is to select all unassigned vertices (the question is how to select them, there is many vertex groups) and assign them either to the closest bones, either to the root bone (the one I move when I move all the skeleton).

So my questions:

  • How to quickly select all unassigned vertices to assign them ?
  • is it possible to do it another way ?Thanks.

It sounds like an odd way to do it but if that’s what you want to do, I guess you could select each vertex group one by one from the list and press “select” from the vertex group buttons. Sure this might take time but once you’ve done all the groups, you should have all assigned verts selected and all unassigned verts not selected. Then, from the Select menu (from the menu in the 3D window, not the vertex groups buttons), choose inverse to select the unselected verts only. Then assign them however you choose (I don’t even think “closest bone” is an option once you’ve set the armature modifier/parent and continued on from there).

But why not just go through and assign them manually to the most appropriate bone?

Thank you, Its what I’ve done … It was a little long but now it’s finnished :slight_smile: