Unavowed - Meeting Room (fan art)

Hi everybody,

this is my attempt at recreating in 3D one of the backgrounds from the 2D point-and-click adventure game “Unavowed” by Wadjet Eye Games.

I’m a bit afraid some people may find it a bit too dark but I really like the gloomy, saturated sunset look. Besides, I almost drove myself to the edge of sanity over the course of the past 2 (!!) days trying to adjust the lighting and I’m mentally exhausted, so for better or worse here it is.

P.S. - I’m a first time poster and before writing this I went through the forum looking at other people’s work first. As a result I almost chickened out and did not post my own render. It’s both inspiring and intimidating to see how good the work on this site is. You guys are amazing.


Glad you posted, this is really nice and time well spent on the lighting, looks great. Gonna assume that blue thing on the table is something from the game you mentioned ?

Thank you for the kind words. That blue thing on the table was just one element of the particular scene in the original game I was trying to recreate. It bore no relevance to the overall story as I recall. Also, it was supposed to look like a blue crystal but I guess I didn’t quite pull it off :laughing: .