hey guys,

i just saw a pretty neat modo script with the name unbevel

is anyone aware of something like this for blender?

cheers christian


bump …

There are many different situations for a Bevel. You can easily achieve what you showed in the picture, but in many different, more complex scenario, the unbevel will become so much more difficult to execute correctly.

Started working on this. Will let you know if there is anything usable for production.


Done. But in the following situation:

This “Ringed Loop Selection Pattern” based unbevel can’t work. If you can add geometry as follows:

Then it can easily work.

Note: you can easily achieve this using the Offset Edge Addon.

Download it here. Don’t have to pay anything.

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awesome, thanks for coding this :))
works really good so far!

This is handy! Thank you sir!

thanks for coding this

Thank you! Very useful!

Thank you!

great script… if we bevel a lot we have to unbevel from time to time… and so it works a lot smoother…

Super! Thanks