Unblocking your Mind

Hellow everyone.
This is my first animation on blender, the animation is for contest in my university
Produced in 2 weeks, I had many difficulties, but I am satisfied with the result, it is now improving upcoming animations

My inspiration was animation “Park!”


Nice. Keep at it.

Very nice!!

Replace the “cylinder” material on the light sabers with a halo :slight_smile:
Want me to make you a nice light saber material?


LightSaber.blend (422 KB)

Thanks guys!

Great technique for simulate lightsaber with wave modifier! Thanks, never think about it.

Dude, that’s really really really good for 2 weeks. It has faults, but I’m very impressed by your speed. I laughed when they were watching Big Buck Bunny. =)

Thanks :slight_smile:
I figured it out while trying to make “plasma” materials :slight_smile:

I am trying to find info on how to do plasma materials for some time now - would you be willing to share some initial set-up or tutorial on how you approach this? Thank you in advance, :slight_smile:

No problem, a stream or ? Ball, or field? Particles?

I usually use two materials, a particle layer for halo and then a “smoke” layer using the same particles in a point density map, if the plasma is a field or window or laser beam, I use a halo material on a object shape, with a high vertex density, and then add in some noise and wave,

check out using a Vertex hook on the Point * end of a cone, and set wave on the cone, and then parent the “point” vertex hook
to a rocket, and the other end 6dof to the rocket, with limits :slight_smile:

then do particles cast from each vert or face :slight_smile:

I wish there was a easy “fade” for particles
like emited @ 1 fades till 5, emited at 5 fades till 10,
:frowning: then I could do all kinds of neat things

you can also ditch the hook and add in a armature with a elbow(another 6dof link)-and it can curve :):slight_smile:

nice, I like the skateboard scene


Very nice, interesting work

Excellent. Excellent. (The short clip of music from Big Buck Bunny was a nice touch!)

The nice thing about this piece is that it tells a story. Anyone who tries to work from home and has kids is gonna identify with this one more-or-less instantly. :yes: