Unborn and Texture controlled Emission


Blender now is just…fantastic!
I was wondering if someone could make any tutorial or better explanation about using (how to use) these new tools, I can make some crap with it, and I would like to improve my skills.

Someone? :wink:

about using (how to use) these new tools,

Which tools are you talking about and have you read the ReleaseNotes?


about unborn and Texture controlled Emission
yeah, I did read the release notes, but they’re not enough… 8)

Aah… my fault. I didn’t see how the title related to the question.

I haven’t got the Unborn feature to work yet.

For the Texture; in the “Particle Motion” tab there is a Texture option in the Velocity stack. Turn off the “Normal” value and give the “Texture” a value. Then, below that stack of buttons, set “Texture Emit” on and tell it which texture to use.

To the right of that, below the “Force XYZ” set that texture again (and the XYZ values if you want axial forces) and then at bottom right, set it to Grad(ient) and adjust the Nable setting to vary the black/white grad values. If you set it to RGB it uses those values to compute ‘blocks’ of emission and Nabla has no effect.


The unborn particle option seems to work for standard Particles as well as Dupliverts.

  1. Subdivide the default cube twice so it has 125 vertices (in edit mode, make sure all vertices are selected, WKEY and Subdivide. Repeat).

  2. Apply an animated Particles effect to this cube (F7, Physics Button, NEW particles). In Particles tab set Amount to 125, turn on Unbor(n). In Particle Motion tab, set Normal to 0.2 or so.

If you render an animation now (F10, ANIM), you’ll see all the unborn Particles forming the shape of a cube before they start departing along the vertex normals. Compare to the effect with Unbor(n) option off.

You can also use dupliverts for disassembly effects. Here is a crude example approximating an “exploding cube” I saw somewhere in the release notes for 2.4. To blow apart a 125-cube stack:

  1. Follow the above steps, then go into Object mode and in Top view (NUMPAD 7) add another Cube mesh. Scale it down so the edges are about 1/5 the length of the larger cube’s edges.

  2. Go to Object mode and move the small cube off to the side. Make the larger cube the Parent of the smaller (in Object mode, select first the small cube then shift-select the larger. CTRL-P, Make Parent.)

  3. Select just the large cube. Hit F7 until the Anim Settings tab appears, turn on DupliVerts.

  4. If Unborn is on, when you render you’ll see a large cube made up of smaller cubes. If you like, scale the small cube so the render looks like a solid stack. If you render an animation, the large cube will appear to fly apart into little cubes along vertex normals.

Of course this is a very simple example. You can dress it up by applying textures as Fligh% describes to get more control over the particles’ motion. You could also apply wind, force fields, and deflectiion to additional meshes to approximate gravity and floors/walls. Looks like this has a lot of potential. Enjoy.

Time to search for how to post .blend files and cure some of my forum newbieness.

M. Esguerra