Unbound SDF editor and game editor

Unbound is an upcoming new blend of SDF modeling tool and game development tool.

:house: https://www.unbound.io

:point_right: You can sign up to join the closed beta via the Unbound Discord:


Nice, big potential all in one game development tool, perfect for lot of indies.
They need to showcase some few small games for that early access.

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Yeah, I believe the creators are pushing some first games made with Unbound.

I just join their discord, there’s alot more info and previews. I think the video doesn’t do it justice.

There is also a SDF modeler plugin for Unity call clayvexs, they join unbound https://twitter.com/clayxels

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Yeah, I tried Clayxels in the past. Quite nice, and it preceded MagicaCSG by years, but I disliked the overhead and the slightly archaic 3ds Max-like UI / UX of Unity.

Unbound is promising, but the devs keep emphasizing that the modeler is just a utility for Unbound’s main pupose: game creation. There’s also no Windows beta yet as far as I know, only macOS.

There’s another SDF / CSG modeler for Unity called Mudbun:

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Mudbun is pretty cool too! have you tried womp3d? https://twitter.com/womp3D

I wanted to try Womp, but it only works (worked?) in Chrome, not even Edge Chromium. And after registering my mailbox got overloaded with promotional e-mails, so I already had enough of it before I got the chance to try it. :smirk:

Playing with a closed beta of Unbound. The UI / UX is very accessible, and I love the real-time ‘Splats’ (stylized effects, like the grass in this image).


Retro-computer :poop:

Modeled and realtime-rendered in the SDF-based Unbound game editor.
Inspired by a Leonard Furuberg sketch.

:house: https://metinseven.nl


Oh my… I’ve gone too far! :scream::poop::laughing::rofl:


Don’t worry about it, just about everyone who posts a large amount of content on Google services and gets big will eventually get the opportunity to make a post complaining about being flagged by their algorithm. Check all of the big Youtube channels and count just how many have at least one dedicated complaint video.

In your case, it reminds me of the instance where footage of Battle Bots was deleted because the algorithm could not tell the difference between fighting hunks of metal and animal abuse. Good luck trying to get a human to present your case to.

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Google made me laugh by emailing me this notice today. Can’t remember that ever happened before. :grin:

Played around with a closed beta of the very promising new Unbound game editor, featuring SDF modeling. Love its ‘Splats’ feature, enabling real-time effects like fur. Have a Pikachu. :smiley:


𝑪𝒍𝒐𝒖𝒅𝒎𝒂𝒌𝒆𝒓 :cloud:

Inspired by a Riki Fuhrmann drawing.
Modeled and rendered in Unbound, using its “Splats” feature for the stylized effect.