UNC-Excavator (Merkur)

From a several tests it becomes more a WIP :slight_smile:
And because Merkur is known building kit (not only in czech region) and it’s like generational phenomenon, so why not to share it :slight_smile:



If I will be able to collect all the pieces of the Standart building kit (as bezier curves), we can do a some competition here.

I used to own some of those! I remember building a crane or something out of them. So you get +10 for nostalgia.

Some abstract renders



I want to use Liero script for thinks like this, but here its done by only one modifier that is not enough for animation, so it take me more time . . .

nice work vklidu! I like your abstracts the most
did a lot of vehicles with meccano as a child… lots of fun

it is good to see someone found a use to the script, even if it can be tricky to get full control of animation… btw just updated it to be able to use single parenting too

Some new tests with new feature of Liero’s Script that now can use Z axis of models for generating face normal orientation. So now can be model disassembled only by one dispalce modifier. For the animation I used blend texture to get bolts movement from left to right.



Wow! I forgot those cool little toys! Excellent work, very realistic model (materials are perfect) and cool little animations!

@ristesekuloski: thanks for comment :slight_smile: material needs some small scratches and something like cloud texture to be very real, but I have to say Thanks God to Brecht for Cycles. It’s only basic glossy material and two lights with different temperature that take it to this nice way.

Here is a next try, for now Assembling in Flight.
There is a frame with assembled model, but vimeo can’t go frame by frame - so magic is there, but you will never see it :slight_smile: