Uncle Bob

Hi all,

Lately i decided to go a bit deeper into Blender so create Uncle bob. He was modeled using poly by poly technique, sculpted with multires. And then hand painted him using psy-fi patch, and then the texture was used for the sss (blendix’s file). And some smoke in Cycles with dingto patch.
I would like to get your comments and if you know a way to solve the problem i will be happy to try it out. And if you want discuss about my setting just ask.

No more writing here is uncle Bob

So what is the problem to solve?
I see some problems, but what exactly do you mean?

I just need some critics If you have any just them here.

The mesh is great. But unless you’re going for a stylized, cartoony vibe, I’d spend some more time on texturing. Give the skin some pores or defects to match the weathered, wrinkled face. Also, the beard could use some more work. The stubble looks painted on, and it seems too glossy. Uncle Bob should lay off the conditioner.

The eyes look kind of washed out. To fix this you can put the texture of the eye directly into the glossy node.
It’s a great model though.