Unclickable objects... are lost!

Hi, I have made a model with hundreds of objects and I regret I didn’t renamed them properly (too late). I thought everything was ok and I made all of them unclickable on the outliner in order to continue with animation and avoid any selections other than bones (to avoid damaging the model).

Now there are some issues with animation and I want to make a few of them clickable again but I …can’t find them.

So Is there a way to:

  1. make an object clickable/uncklickable under the mouse?

  2. make all objects clickable/unclickable at once?

Ok, I just found an easy (and too obvious) workaround: I just opened an older saved version to see the names(!), but I’m still interested on the above questions.

Just create a separate window/area (with “Split Area”), and set the window type(bottom left corner of the new window) to “outliner”. You’ll see a list with the objects, and at their right you’ll see 3 icons(re-size the window if you can’t see them). Play with them and you’ll get what you need;)

Thanx but I’ve already used outliner to set the objects unclickable -I don’t know of any other way. The problem is that -as I said, there are too many objects on the outliner and a bad naming which makes finding the one you’re looking at, very difficult. Someone would expect (as in other apps) that a combination of keys + mouseclick would make the object I’m looking at, clickable again, or at least appear selected on the ouliner. A massive operation would be also useful (second question).

another way to keep things out of the way, and unclickable, is to put them in another scene.

I guess this doesn’t apply to my case where I want to make the mesh/curve parts of the model unclickable but still visible and animatable via the bones (which will be both visible and clickable) or does it?