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(Peetie) #1

Hi is it possible to change the bl_info of an addon so that it will appear in another tab in the toolshelf?
What do I have to adjust in the script?
For example I want to have a tab “Hardsurface” and I will put in there Hardops, Cubers and Ice Tools pro, (bad example because that will be to poluted with those big addons).

I tried to addons with which you can control your tabs in Blender but have side-effects. So I want to do it manually.

(burnin) #2


(sozap) #3

It’s not on the bl_info , it’s in the class that define the panel :
You may find class that have things like bpy.types.Operator , you shouldn’t change them.

class VIEW3D_PT_somestuff(bpy.types.Panel): 
         bl_category = "Hardsurface" # <-- this is what you want to add/modify
         bl_label ="some stuff"
         bl_space_type = "VIEW_3D"
         bl_region_type = "TOOLS"

depending on the addon you may have several panel to change, try to do a search on bl_category in the .py files of the addon .

(Peetie) #4

@burnin Ah, that is what i need. Very simple, just doing that one thing I was looking for.
@sozap thanks, ah, so bl_category. If need I can use that as well. Good to know, slowly I will learn some Python in Blender.

(sozap) #5

yeah, knowing a bit of python can be very useful, that said all the interface code for blender is not the most straightforward part to start with.

(Peetie) #6

Turns out that that is the easiest way.
Nice to have control myself :smiley: