uncompressed avi with sound > 2GB

hi there
i’m trying to render from blender VSE an avi that is uncompressed, with sound which will subsequently be greater than 2GB. i am however encountering several problems with this. with the AVI RAW option selected in blender, i don’t have the option to interlace sound with the output file. also using this option renders a file that is only 2GB in size and no greater. is there a way of doing this is in blender or is there another program that i can use, for example by exporting a tga seq from blender and comping in another app?
any help is greatly appreciated.

is there really no one out there that has a suggestion, i’m using ubuntu 9.04 and blender 2.49.
please help!

You can’t save sound with an .avi raw.
You could use mixdown to create a separate sound file which you can multiplex into a compressed avi output using ffmpeg in Blender(or in another package if you prefer).

hi organic
thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: is there another package that you know of that can composite a tga seq and sound file into an uncompressed avi?
the package would need to be able to run in ubuntu.
thanks again for the help

I don’t personally know of any, but there is a list of video editors here that you can investigate.
The Open Source ones are a little way down the page.

I’m guessing here, but maybe you can do that with ffmpeg or mencoder on the command line? Try asking at ubuntuforums.org, there is a section for Multimedia and Video.

hi organic
thanks again for the helpful suggestions. i managed to get it to work through virtualdub. although there is no binary installation file for ubuntu, and i had many errors when trying to compile it so instead i used the windows version through wine. i know it’s a bit of a weird way around the problem, but it worked none the less :slight_smile:
many thanks once again