Unconnected mesh faces from extruded curve

Hi, when I extrude a polygonal curve with its “extrude” option in “data” panel and I convert it to a mesh I get unconnected faces to the top and bottom side of the solid.
This is big problem for me not just because I obviously need connected faces but also because I have hundreds of curves like these, to extrude and convert. Each of which has a different shape…
How can I get a mesh with no unconnected faces starting from an extruded curve?
I link a video example of the problem. Thanks.

Just one of those things with this particular workflow.

However it’s easy though. Press “A” to select all. Press “W” for the specials menu. Then “R” for remove doubles from the specials menu. Should make it a single object provided the vertices overlap.

Fantastic! Problem solved thanks a lot !!!