Undead Images!!How do I kill them?!

I’m just wondering, for the sake of filesize (when I pack the blend) how do I delete links to an image and have it not be saved? I can do that to a texture, but there’s no “f” button to disable with images; if I ever load one, it stays with my blend file to the grave.:eek:

I have like 30 images that pop up in one blend scene - every texture I have ever tried to open in my UV and image editor is still there I have closed and opened this scene every day for 3-4 days and they do not go away -

Also I have a master .blend for my textures and I only add in new textures - however I am getting some duplicates- and would like to re-name my materials - for instance I have 3 golds that are different shades but they are as gold, gold(1), gold(2) any way to edit these tags or remove doubles??

I’m not sure I understood your problem, but try this:
In the UV/Image editor there is a cross next to the active image. Click it with your image selected to unlink the image from the blend file. Save and close your file once or twice and the image should be dead and gone.

/ Mats

You have to use Holy Water to get rid of the undead!

Why do we have to close and reopen blender, there should be a button like “Purge” or “Remove unused links”. Maybe i’ll find it somewhere.

I’m not sure, but as far as I know, Blender keeps everything in your file if they are linked in the database. To remove them, you need to simply make them “unused” from the point of view of the database. You shouldn’t have to close and open Blender to achieve this (I don’t). Just unlink your images, close and reopen your file.

I think this is explained on this page

So, click Shift+F4 to browse the file database. Move to the top level and enter the Image folder. Make sure all unwanted images say “0” (select them and press X if not). Save your file. Open it again and all your unwanted stuff should be gone for ever.

Five pennies from another newbie
/ Mats

I’m very late, but thanks, anyway, to those who asked the question and who answered this.