Undead: work in porgress

Hello friends.

I’m making a game (suprise!). I’m in the very early stage, still planning and testing a lot. The game will be vampire and werewolf killing basically. Anyway, I have put together a menu system, with savable controls! I haven’t uploaded a file before so I hope the text-texture is in the file, otherwise it’s just to add it.

I don’t have the time to write a tutorial for it right now but if you have questions on how to do it, don’t hesitate to ask. Mind you that this file is just suppose to show you how to do changeable controls, I have yet to test if they are working, but in theory they are. And the model in the other scene… well don’t mind it.

Hope it is to any use, when I get more things done on the game I will upload it here and ask for comments. But since there’s a lot of planning left there will probably take a while or just be concept sketches.

Oh, and another warning. I didn’t plan to give you this from the beginning so there might be some strange or illogical abbreviations, or even swedish here and there in the names or in the code.

Edit: here’s your screen shots:

most people dont download anything unless you post screenshots, so you might want to post a few


The first time someone beat me to it.

Yea, screenshots plz.

Social, have you a chalenger?
Are your “evil crown” in danger? :slight_smile:

lol, that made my day, also the fact that I have a decent computer now and i bought Oblivion today :slight_smile:

sorry, I know you guys like screen shots, but since all there is is a menu I thought it wouldn’t give that much… but sure, I can take some…

looks good so far, ill be watching this thread.

So will I :slight_smile:

Nice menu system.

I just thought of something… I don’t want the player to be able to choose the same key for more than one action, is there a faster/simpler/cooler way to do it than just have a lot of if statements?

fixed it, I’ve updated the file fi someone is interested.

I fixed it, with an extremly cool for loop. I’ve updated the file if someone is interested.

I fixed it, with an extremly cool for loop. The file is updated if someone is interested.

sorry for that…

You just fivetuple-posted:rolleyes:
But anyway, this sounds interesting so far, I’ll be watching this thread.

yes… my computer went… strange… keep waiting, just discovered… well lets call it a bug… (and lets not call it me not testing things)
Edit: Now it’s working! so if anyone wants an example of: menus, sliders, changing keys (I have not yet tested them, that’s the next step:P) and saving/loading just down load it and check.

Guys, I need your help. I’m trying to get my movment system to work but it doesn’t. I’ve tried to mix Socials walkthrough with the example at the bottom of this site. I works fine until I tried to add a collition sensor for the ground to get rid of the problem with the ability to run out in the air. Now I can’t hold down a key and move constantly but have to press to take each step. This is really annoying and I don’t know why it is happening. Please take a look at it, I’ve updated the file in the first post.

(if you remove the “and ground.isPositive()” in line 8 of the move script it works like it should)

Well I’m no expert on the area so I cant help :frowning:

Your file isn’t working for me.

File “home_startup”, line 14, in ?
ValueError: invalid literal for int():

File “control_startup”, line4, in ?
AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘cForward’

oh… hmm… enter the control menu and press default, then the global variable should load… but exit and restart the game in before you play, or the esc-key won’t work… hmm maybe I should update the file, I’ll do it when I have time

otherwise you could create a txt-file named ctrlsettings.und with text
“the controls
no qoutation marks