Undefined Node in my Shading editor

Hi Forum.

A 3D artist which helped me UV map my image texture with my Blender file, sent me back my file and in the shading editor. there is a Node which says undefined. what’s this?!

And also there seems to be displaced text around my model. Where is this coming from? is it reflections?

Thank you.

It might be a custom node or it’s label is undefined. If you press n in shader editor you can change the name of the node.

Most likely you are using outdated version of blender, mapping node changed in 2.81, latest stable version is 2.82a.


If you don’t want to update blender just try to replace unidentified with mapping node, it’s probably gonna work unless location / rotation / scale values are not default.

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yes I’m on 2.80. Have not updated Blender.