"Under The Bed" and "Turbo Ship"

Well, I decided today my pictures were finaly ready to be considered Finished Projects.

The Pictures are at: http://www.anycities.com/turbog/TurboG.HTML (They are the 2 at the bottom)

Comments are welcome! If you make one, please tell me what picture it is for :slight_smile:

I improved the “Under The Bed” Picture A LOT! It is dozens of times better now! If you’ve seen it before, check it again. ( I usualy don’t update “Finished Products”, but I guess it wasn’t finished.

I’m certain I would not care to be in, under or any where in the same room as that bed. :wink:

Great stuff on a great looking site.


Creepy! I would not want to be that guy! Suggestion: I think the pic would look better without the cartoon-rendering actually. But hey, it´s your pic! :slight_smile:

I don’t know. I tried without cartoon rendering and it turned out pretty bad :expressionless: It hides some little edge mistakes and stuff, hehe . I was going for the classic “Monster Under the Bed” thing, and I wanted it to look cartoony. No responses 'bout my space ship though, if it takes a while just wait, it is rendered with a very high resolution (Lots of zooming in :smiley: )