Under The Bed (possible final image on page 2)

ok this will be one of the images I will show when I do my interview today, so I need as much c&c as I can get:



main thing is, you need a window frame with depth.

yeh I was thinking that the window frame was crap…i’ll re-do it.

anything els?? is it good overall??


maybe a little night light

maybe a little night light

no I need complete darkness except for whats coming from the window.

anyway I (think) improved on the frame, and If I have time (the interview is at 2:30pm GMT+8 hours) i’ll add some blinds next to the window.


tell me what you think



i didnt mean light, i meant like just a little nightlight, doesnt cast light but idk, wutever

add some negative lamps under the bed, it´s too illuminated atm.
nice mood :slight_smile: .

the window is what makes this picture not so wonderful…change that and it’ll look pretty awesome.

also, is there a person in the bed? (i don’t think so), because if there isn’t, i dont think the sheets should be that bumpy %|

is there a person in the bed?

not any more there isn’t http://img7.photobucket.com/albums/v17/mystery/smileys/very_evil.gif


put some blinds up:



Ah the window is much better now :smiley: But it still needs depth. Not the window panes. But the window sill.

Unless it is a japanese house in which case it might be made of paper. :stuck_out_tongue:

looks good but my main problem is the lighting, it needs work, it looks like the lighting is yellow hued (judging by the window light on the wall) while night lighting is generally blueish in tint.
also other things could be considered such as wallpaper (a texture on the walls), pushing the contrast through lighting, and maybe a hint of the monster if its eyes glow (which might be too dark?)

theres way too much light under the bed- maybe use layer lamps?

-im no expert

it looks like the lighting is yellow hued (judging by the window light on the wall) while night lighting is generally blueish in tint.

acctualy the walls themselves are a bit yellowish, as for the blue lighting, your right i’ll change it.

theres way too much light under the bed

try turning dow the brightness of your monitor.


This looks like the end, I removed the last images to save on the loading time of this page.

and here it is, be afraid…be very afraid…

[edit] image has been updated [/edit]

hope you like it


Much nicer :smiley:

too dark. Can barly even see the eyes. Of course, thats a problem with me not you. Still, you might consider brightening it up.


Nice, but now is too dark, so thus you have lost alot of the detail in that scene
so imo lighting still needs work (traditional horror pieces have high contrast in them so that everything can be over all dark)

a contrast push in photoshop produced this:
in that you can see all the details and its still very dark and scary (are those arms of the monster under the bed? maybe throw a little bit of red hilights on that, hint at the huge monster underneeth :smiley:

Hey nice, interesting concept. :smiley: Do those eyes actully emit light? Yea, I think the picture could have a little more light too. :stuck_out_tongue: