Under the bridge W.I.P

I would like some comments for this project. What should be added/removed or you don’t like …
What is your opinion about it in general ??


these are great!!!
did you use sss for the bricks?
is so they are a bit fin.

i used sss on the marble material not on the bricks…

sos, thats what i meant

what do you mean sos i thought you meant subsurface scattering…

Looks good so far…personally I never liked Lens Flare.

The underside of the tunnel, the textures looked to stretched.

Also you should render with OSA turned on, the image looks to grainy.

lols, sos=sorry

Well, I like the idea of using SSS on the marble, but what you have here is too strong, making it look waxy. I would try starting from one of the presets, and work from there. (If I’m not mistaken, one of them is marble.)

looks good but the lens flare is a little strong

i think the graininess is a nice effect but you definitely need to do final renders with AO on for those jagged lines on the rail are not welcome… also the lens flare is such a cliche that it really should be removed form 3D programs. any half decent photographer will almost certainly try everything to remove a flare if they can, i don’t know why 3D people keep wanting them… the key stone looks strangly blurred compared to the surrounding stone and i think the SSS on the rail staunchons looks to strong. it is a very striking image though, well done