Under the Dunsmuir Viaduct, Vancouver BC - Blender Animation


Yes it is near BC Place. Below is a Google Map link of the location.


how did you make that ?

  • I put an animated spin on the fluid domain until impact of the obstacle. I + Rotation
  • The camera is zoomed for the first 90 frames. I + Location
  • The background is a envmap image, made in GIMP and Luminance HDR.
  • The freeze affect was created by making 180 copies of the bake file for frame #130 and animating the camera around those files a full 360 degrees. Camera followed a path around a Curve > Circle for 180 frames.
  • I used Vector Blur for motion blur. Node Editor > Add > Filter > Vector Blur.
  • The obstacle also has a spin on it. I + LocRot

I would not have guessed. Ill copy and past the instruction in to my Blender stuff and If I have time Ill give it a try.
Thank you

This is another blender animation I just finished a short time ago.