Under the Sea movie

My daughters epic production. All rendered and editied in Blender 2.49b, but compiled and exported via FCP :frowning:

Images to follow.

Fun stuff, the hand drawn & coloured characters are lovely, just like my daughters drawings. :slight_smile:

I like the mixture of camera angles, rather than simply flat 2D and adding the audio storytelling finished it off nicely.

It’s great to help kids experiment and learn, whatever the task, helping them realise their ideas and creativity. Showing them how to break a big task down into smaller ones and then putting all the bits together, to make something special of their own. It goes for whatever the task in life. :slight_smile:

Far more exciting than sitting and watching a cartoon, to make their own. :slight_smile:

Well done Maegan :slight_smile: and Dad. :slight_smile:

I also think it’s great :slight_smile: Hopefully she got excited to make more movies, she might even do them by herself soon, don’t underestimate her ability to learn an advanced program like blender…

She asked me one day how movies are made, so I said you need a story with a begining middle and end, and off to school she went (prep year). That afternoon she returned with a full synopsis character list and scene breakdown, a draft of 2 acts with room for the last! Well i couldn’t let it go thjere, so we wrote a script and recorded the voice talent (siblings) with foley effects. She went and drew all the characters and locations etc. and I scanned them (high-res for close ups)and pre-produced them in GIMP (alpha channels for the cutouts).

The audio clips were layed up in Audacity which worked for most clips but had to be finished in FCP :frowning:
While in FCP I added a simple shot description in vision against the audio so I could see the cuts and time the animation (to lazy for timing sheets) at which point I wish Blender had IN and OUT Points for cut durations…

Then I brought them all into Blender and compiled the animation from each scene on the Sequencer. It played perfectly in sync with all effects in real time (renedered as individual frames) but I couldnt get a muxed high quality out put file! So of to FCP again, where the original audio was mated to the new vision and output as DVD and h264.

Now she has a worldwide audience and can show her class mates! i hope we can make more together but next time it might be a more simple aproach, till’ 2.5 gets sorted out (sequencer wise).

That was really cute. Sounds like you have a smart and creative little girl there. I can’t wait to see future projects. Well done.

Fun! Sweet and unselfconscious. You’re a lucky family.

Brilliant - congrats to Megan and her crew! Incidentally I’ve been using either avidemux or virtual dub to re-attach sound files.

nice and refreshing :yes:

yeah the audio was a real downer, every other editing app will mux audio video at output soooo easily. I guess ya gets wot ya pay fer’ but still, it seems so simple. It’s just not.

It was OK for me to choose between Avid or FCp but I really really wanted to keep it all Blender centric (and therefore portable).

And thanks for all the kind remarks, she gets a kick out of watching the views number go up!

I like this a lot! This is a very inspiring project for the family. Even beyond this (not sure how to word this here but as close as I can get it), it creates a very cool “genre” which is very viewer friendly. To you and your family, awesome job and high fives!

Fives back at ya. She’s hopefull for viral but I told her not to get her hopes up. Maybe a sequel for our holidays?