Under the Sea

Hi all, been awhile since I’ve had a chance to mess around with Blender… Any way been doing a tutorial and heres what I got so far…


Let me know what you think…

Thx Vamp

Its a little to cubish IMO. I would smooth it out and work on the materials a bit more. I think you could add more to the enviroment. Possibly some coral, and sea weed. Working on your lighting a bit more, lighten things up some. Your materials could use some tweaking. Keep experimenting and see what ya come up with :wink:

Its Bongo the Whale!!! (from the tutorial) I remember modeling him. Great start!

Please subsurf bongo and make him rounder :smiley:

Howcome your spot halo’s only show up in the background? Are those spot halo’s?


no they are actually tubes. Check here for the Tutorial