Under Water

Okay so I’m going for like a surrealistic kind of ambiance sort of feel… made it for my computer back ground



I really liked the background, how do you do it? :smiley:

It’s a bit simple - but it works to good effect. :slight_smile:

wow first one with no bad critices right off YAY :slight_smile:

umm the back ground is just a plane with a marble texture and a 3 point color gradient. the soft button, hard nouise, and tri are selected. the numbers are all default for that texture

i like it :slight_smile: , nt very conformist, but it doesgive an underwater feel, with a bit of tweaking (maybe some more light) i think that would make a cool wallpaper.

I was thinking that too… where should the lights be and what kind? I’ve got the normal lamp above but I"m thinking any thing else would spoil the feel…

hmmm, i see what u mean about not wanting to loose the feel of it, this is just a sugestion, but u could try using volumetriv light to keep the feel of the substance of water but make it a bit brighter, or maybe increse the tone of each of the colours u used, lighten the blue a tiny a bit, lighten the black to a very dark blue a tiny bit so on so forth.

ahh okay I got it thanx