Underground-ish structure - Critique

Hi everyone,

I would like some critique on this render to make it look more appealing:

Keep in mind that no post-processing has been done yet.

The lighting and general materials are based on the movie Hotel Transylvania(cool movie btw), here is a referance image that I used for the light:

Thank you

A few things.

  1. Bricks are too uniform at the edges - maybe some bevel and some random cracked edges with displacement.
  2. Material on door is too clean - there should be some sort of dirt and dust on the it, especially the red area.
  3. Door frame needs attention - that too is too clean and too sharp edged - maybe some treatment like the bricks as well.
  4. I would look at creating a specular map for gloss, you can see in your reference image that there is some depth and some shiny areas that catch the light.

Good work so far, I just point to things that will bring it up a notch.

Thanks! I actually started to work on the improvements you suggested since you posted but the results are actually not so good. So I’ll post an update when I finish tweaking stuff.

If you don’t know OSL then you should learn it. They used OSL to make hotel Transelvania. It’s like Renderman on Steroids, without the displacement. Of course the renderer they have their OSL attached to is further developed, but you can do a lot even in it’s current state.