UNDERGROUND RESCUE game demo released

Hi everyone!

Just a very unadorned demo that we made under an workshop:


Hope you like.

Thanks for everyone in this forum, specially Oto, JD Multi, Zero, Doc Holyday and Saluk.

You welcome…euh, what have I done? :slight_smile:

Nice demo
Some very nice moments ( entering the mouth, going down)
And inside…looks like some 70’s comics or movies
But nothing found…total loser :slight_smile:

Hey Oto! Thanks for the “review”. Its all done by the students i just cliped things together. You can use a “cheat” for entering directly inside the elevators (this walls you see near the mouth) use “L” to fly.

As you can see the .blend is also available for download, this is another easy way to find what we have modeled. :wink:


Hello Thorgal
Sorry, it was a fast try!
I’m a bit busy ( and tired) at the moment
I’ll come back later