Underground Slime

Hey there! This is my first 100% blender/cycles project. I used to only work with 3dsmax/vray but always had a Blender itch that needed to be scratched.

The things that made me mostly question myself regarding this scene were:

+Did I get the lighting right? I was going for a poorly lit environment but at the same time didn’t want to hide everything
+Color variation? I couldn’t come up with too many excuses to make the scene a bit more colorful without losing some “realism”… I tried giving the slime a blueish tinge to make things a bit less brown
+Is there enough of a story here? When I started this scene, I was going for something a bit more simple so I could get my feet wet. I eventually decided to do a bit more and came up with this (hopefully) monstrous slime escaping the underground.

I’d be very happy to read any thoughts or some other issue/issues that might have escaped my eyes.

+I used a skin shader by Andrei Cristea (https://www.undoz.com/blog/2015/9/5/cycles-sss-skin-shader.html) to shade the slime
+Textures are from https://www.sharetextures.com/ and an alpha brush from Pixologic download center
+Used Blender 2.79b

@polytrilo polytrilo i’ve undeleted your thread, sorry for the trouble.

No problem! Thanks!

Updated slime material/modeling; Updated tunnel materials to principled shader.

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