Underground subway scene

Well, hello there!

This is my very first 3D scene as well as my first post on the forum.

Please, be kind and comment my work. I would be very pleased for anykind of critique.

Hello! :slight_smile: Welcome to Blenderartists! I really like your image and modeling work, but the lighting could use a little something. Try using indirect lighting with more than one bounce, this should brighten it up a little but still keep that “feeling” of being in a tunnel! :slight_smile: Good luck!

Maybe you should tell us that you didn’t do that by yourself. I am pretty sure that you did it after watching andrew prices tutorial.
It is ok that you post it but you should say that it isn’t your idea.

Whenever I follow a tutorial, I always try to put my own spin on it. I might also try to take it a little bit farther than the original, or something to give it my own personal touch as well as give me better bragging rights. :wink:

In his turorial I found the reflection of the ground too much I like your render, but think you should add some extra details like he did in the final .blend.

Looks good, it has a creepy feeling to it. I think you got the normalmaps on the concrete set a bit to high, other than that it’s good.

Andrew Price again :slight_smile:
Influencial indeed.